Darrin Trindall



Darrin Trindall, is a Gomeroi/Kamilaroi Murri from Narrabri, NSW.

Aboriginal people have traditional forms of communication – oral storytelling and song as well as visual communication represented through drawings, paintings and the use of ceremonial designs. 

The large number of unmarked graves in Aboriginal communities, respect for heritage and the high cost charged by funeral companies motivated Darrin to create his own business and support Aboriginal people wishing to pay their respect to their family and friends.

Dabtari was started by Darrin as his way of contributing to his indigenous heritage and helping others navigate that path making custom headstone and plaques more affordable and more readily available to  families.  Darrin still works full-time shift work in the mines and continues to make headstones and plaques on his days off.

Motivated by the large number of unmarked graves within the Aborigional communities and the high cost that is being charged to remember loved ones, Dabtari can help families purchase personalised custom headstones and plaques at a more affordable price than normally available.  

Dabtari helps with the healing process by creating a memorial design that captures the uniqueness of loved ones who have passed.

Dabtari custom-made headstones and memorial plaques have been recognised for their uniqueness, affordability, and superior quality.  Darrin uses black granite and other materials and works closely with each family to meet their requests for personal designs and materials.

Creating a unique memorial for your loved ones helps with the healing process during ‘sorry’ business.

Family comes first, and like others, Darrin has also had first hand experience with grief and loss within his own family. It is important to reach out to Darrin as soon as possible as family commitments, work commitments and school holidays can sometimes impact on delivery times or making the headstones and plaques.

By working together Dabtari can deliver a beautiful, quality loving memorial for you and your loved ones.  Dabtari is a start up business and is constantly updating headstone designs and plaques.  If you have a design that is special to your loved one or to your family, Dabtari can work with you to create a special memorial. 

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